Volunteers are an essential part of PCMC’s health care team, as they help us deliver quality, compassionate care to our patients. Volunteers can serve our community in two ways, as: 1) Blue Belles, and 2) Caring Teen.

Blue Belles are an active group of women volunteers who fill a number of rolls such as serving as greeters and hospital call operators. Student volunteers from the Palacios High School Scrubs Club serve in a multitude of capacities including administrative tasks, patient support, hospitality, and special projects.

If you’re looking to give back to the Palacios community, we invite you to browse our volunteer opportunities on a regular basis. Student volunteer roles are only available in the summer as of now, but more opportunities are on the horizon. Come serve with us.


Why Volunteer at PCMC

Volunteering at PCMC allows individuals the opportunity to serve the community by sharing time and talents with those most in need. Your time is a valuable contribution to our organization and our patients, and we appreciate any time you can give.

Who Can Volunteer at PCMC

PCMC welcomes teenage and adult volunteers to help us serve our patients. If you have the desire to serve and help others, we’d love to speak to you and find a fit for you.

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